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"Hello! We're the Dirmic brothers. We're comprised of Storm and Zion Dirmic. Feel free to talk to us."

Storm is the younger brother. He's 24 and is majoring in Human Psychology. Zion is the older brother. He's 35 years old. He majored in Music. Both have a secret that one would not like to know.

((Current M!A: Accepting))

(None of these GIF's are mine. All credit goes to the original creators. No I am not Jacoby Shaddix or AmazingPhil.)

I’m moving the Dirmic Brothers over to my phase blog called one-mind-multiple-muses. There is where I’ll continue the threads. Storm won’t be deleted just yet but thia account will be on hiatus. Feel free to roleplay with my 4 other muses too! I’ve followed all of the people I’m following on here too so yeah. See y’all there!


Aaden almost couldn’t contain himself at this moment. Hearing those words come from Storm got his heart racing and he couldn’t explain how or why. All he knew was that it almost seemed like a miracle that he could make Storm happy and now all he could feel on his face was probably the silliest grin he’d ever managed in his lifetime. “N-no, I do feel the same,” he admitted as he rested his forehead against the other’s. “You make me incredibly happy…” He placed his hands gently on either side of Storm’s neck as he showered his face in gentle kisses, smiling like a doofus all the while. He ended his parade of affectionate kisses with a lingering one to his lips before he finally removed himself from straddling Storm’s hips and instead made himself comfortable next to him, laying his head on the younger one’s shoulder and draping his arm lazily across his stomach.

As the kitten made her appearance, Aaden smiled warmly and reached out to scratch her behind her ears for a split second. He wasn’t really one for animals at all, but he had to admit that Zynah was pretty cute. After the kitten left and Storm began to apologize, Aaden turned his gaze to the other, his brows knitting together in confusion. Why would he think he was a screw up? Everyone had problems, some obviously worse than others, but that didn’t mean he had made any mistakes. “You don’t need to thank me,” he claimed as he nuzzled himself closer to Storm, burying his face in his neck. “You’re not screwed up, you’re perfect,” he confessed, a little surprised at his own words, but accepting of them nonetheless. He raised his head a little to kiss and nip at Storm’s neck, a sigh escaping him through his nose. “I don’t know how I managed it. I just did what anyone should do and that’s to stay calm and give you encouragement. You don’t need people to freak out, it’ll just make it worse. And plus, it’s smarter to talk to you than communicate with the demon.”

Storm was a little shocked when Aaden said those words. He didn’t expect someone like him to actually feel that way towards him. “R-Really?” Finally, someone actually liked him and they didn’t fake it for a make-fun. At the kisses, he scrunched his face up with a giggle. With the final kiss, he placed his hands on either side of Aaden’s face to enjoy every moment of it. “I haven’t ever felt this way before. I-I sorta don’t know how to react to this..”

When the other rested his head on his shoulder, Storm rested his head on top of the older one’s with a contented sigh. It was back to the way it was before, happy, peaceful, and relaxed.. Just like he wanted it to be. As Aaden spoke again, he looked away, feeling ashamed for calling himself a screw up now. He still believed it though but he wouldn’t mention it anymore. “Still, thank you so much because I would have possibly destroyed a lot of things…” He slolwy moved his hand over to Aaden’s, hovering over it for a second as he debated whether he should hold it or not. He grabbed the other’s hand tightly, feeling even more protected now.

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